Please Submit Somewhere Else

Well, this is a first. I got a rejection slip from X Review (not the real name) asking me to please send my work … somewhere else.

Well played, X Review.

Well played.

The note in its entirety:

Dear Andres,

Thank you for submitting your work to X Review. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept it for publication. We hope you will bear in mind that we are only able to publish a fraction of what is submitted to the journal and that we are obliged to reject a large number of publishable pieces. We encourage you to submit your work to other journals and thank you for your interest in X Review.

The Editors

I think they mean well. But the wording is … too funny.

On that note, a much crueler rejection letter to one Miss Gertrude Stein:



1 Comment

  1. i get s lot of rejections similar to the one you received or ones that tell me I write off the top of my head. Well lucky I have hands and write with them.
    About Gertrude Stein; when doing my 2nd Master’s in Creative Writing we were forced to read quite s lot of her work. The rejector is only imitating her narrative style which many like to imitate. Her stories also are very racist. Stein self published a great number of her early stories as mo one would publish. I found the style forced. Each sentence began with the ending of the last sentence so was very repetitive. I learned she and Rchard Wright were expatriates and friends in Europe. Because of the presentation of Blacks in her stories I found that strange. Se la vie.
    I submit places occasionally but have already been published several hundred times. Perhaps I’d rather write even if it is off or on the top of my head or someone else’s.
    Thought you’d like this tidbit of info.

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