Interview: Rebecca Hazelton

As part of the staff of Compose, it’s been my pleasure (and honor, and I mean that) to interview poets featured therein. I asked (and founder and editor-in-chief Suzannah Windsor graciously agreed to) that my name not appear on the published product.

(Why? Why not? Why mention it? What good is a secret perfectly kept?)

Here’s my interview with the amazing Rebecca Hazelton:

Compose: You’ve been selected for the 2013 Best American Poetry. What was finding out about it like?

Rebecca Hazelton: I got the email and let out a huge whoop, and then I laughed, and then I started to cry. I have a very unpleasant outlook on life sometimes, where I assume that if something good happens then something bad is on its way. So I’ve been careful not to leave my house so I won’t be hit by a car.


The full interview.

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