Poem: Mirror Memory

Andres Rojas


Both memory and far-sightedness
​are cited in the list of heiti for wisdom
​in Snorri’s Edda
– Judy Quinn

The sky remembers
neither cloud nor bird,
but it doesn’t forget.

Dust doesn’t forget
mud, nor mud dust.

Salt doesn’t forget
even dissolved
in so much ocean,
its grains ghostly
but material,
particles of faith
yet to be disproven.

This may be why,
if air-dried
after a sea-swim,
my hands flash
and my chest floods
with scales,
my body a reflection,
salt’s chance
to crystallize

But I am
the one who recalls
is skin-deep
as a veiled mirror,

I who still know I
forget nothing
unless I remember
I’ve forgotten.

(This poem first appeared in New England Review.)


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