Tunnel: 14 Thoughts on Writing

I’ve been rejected so many times that if I saw the full ten year plus number it would build a planet of “I’m sorry but this doesn’t work for us at this time,” and it would swallow me. The rejections come when you leave the tunnel, when you enter the buildings with all the screaming people. You just can’t let the rejections get to you, you can’t let them destroy what you created. A lot of the time editors are right. Listen to them. Work harder. Besides, getting your story published will result in a few minutes of joy and then you’ll just be back to the tunnel again. [I submitted for five years to] DIAGRAM, a journal I just recently got accepted into. I didn’t feel joy when I got accepted, just relief followed by emptiness.

Shane Jones, Tunnel: Fourteen Thoughts On Writing



  1. Hiya Andy,

    Thank you for the link.

    In the context of the trials of writers lives I thought you might “enjoy” episode one of “The Value of Failure” on Radio 4:
    I know you’re in the USA, but if I remember rightly, you can access the BBC iPlayer (subsequent episodes talk about failure in the military and sport, etc.).

    Anne Enright’s conclusion, as a published novelist, is that success is writing 200w/p/d. Heh I’m a success! I’ve written 300w/p/d each and every day for the last 3 years in my “Outdoor Office” by the Burn; however bad the weather (sleet, rain, snow and hail). It’s a consoling thought. 😉

    P.S. I’m just about to enter my first literary competition. Wish me luck…

    By the Burn

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