after Rick Atkinson

144 bottles of whiskey 144 bottles of sherry 144
bottles of gin 200 pounds of bacon 200 pounds
of coffee 50 pounds of tea 100 rolls of toilet
paper 2,500 paper napkins 650 pieces of china
350 tea cups 350 saucers 500 tumblers 100 wine
glasses 20 salt shakers 20 pepper shakers 400
sets of cutlery 60 days left in Roosevelt to live
I didn’t say the result was good I said
it was the best I could do
20,000 Pall Mall
cigarettes 20,000 Chesterfield cigarettes 20,000
Phillip Morris cigarettes 10,000 Players cigarettes
1,000 boxes of matches 500 Robert Burns
and 500 other cigars Churchill smoked Cubans
Rhine wine vermouth Gordon’s gin Johnnie
Walker Red Label One must make sure
to coat the stomach with butter and salmon

King George IV whisky 1928 Veuve Clicquot
champagne 1928 Chateau Margaux cognac
48 bottles of White Horse whisky 48 bottles
of Black & White whisky 48 bottles of Vat 69
whisky beer sturgeon whitefish caviar black
bread vodka Caucasian champagne Stalin
switched to water after the first toast But of your
seven million Poles, only seven thousand vote.


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