Best Poetry Books 2013: Part Deux

A few choice picks from Library Journal, including Lucie Brock-Broido’s Stay, Illusion:

Emotionally charged, baroquely sensuous, serenely gorgeous: Brock-Broido’s extraordinary language asks us to enter a world both strange and strangely familiar. The gorgeousness is edged by darkness, yet even as she reminds us of our frailty in a wayward world (“Your heart was a mess—// a mob of hoofprints”), the Witter Bynner Prize winner works supreme magic as she transforms sorrow into gold.

More books from this list.


And from Publisher’s Weekly, a short list that includes The Book of Goodbyes, by Jillian Weise (BOA), a book I think I need to read:

These fierce, hip, heartbreaking love poems call out to a lover who can’t be lived with or without. They’re humorous, odd, and full of all the unreasonable truth of love. This book is the real thing.

More from Publisher’s Weekly.



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