Snowden is somebody that I used to know.
Snowden is never go back.
Snowden is one more night.
Snowden is we are water.
Snowden is diamonds.
Snowden is Ender’s game.
Snowden is nothin’ on you.

Snowden is sycamore row.
Snowden is not afraid.
Snowden is orange is the new black.
Snowden is wrecking ball.
Snowden is David and Goliath.
Snowden is E.T.
Snowden is Naruto, Volume 62.



  1. Does this verse refer to Edward Snowden? Did you know the man? I think tht he done good. Angel Merkel’s a serial texter, and we, Europeans, are trying to cut a free trade deal with Americae so spying on her phone is bad. She grew up in Eastern Germany, where spying was endemic. We should behave like friends.


  2. P.S.

    >>ender’s game.

    Apparently they just made a movie of this, staring Harison Ford. It’s not been well reviewed. Did you know that Orson also scripted The Abyss…

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