This is a poem for President Drone

Apparently, Yahoo news commissioned an inaugural poem from Michael Robbins (whom I’ve blogged about before). They probably got more than they bargained for, and duly turned it down, according to Robbins, “because it contains the word ‘queef.'”

Having scrambled to look the word up (I had the inchoate idea it meant some sort of small boat), I can only recommend you read the poem for its content.

Titled, “To the Drone Vaguely Realizing Eastward,” the poem references President Obama and Newtown, and includes the lines: “It seems strange that he should be offended. / The same orders are given by him.”

I find the tone and language just right for such an impolite and studiously ignored subject, which I’ve touched upon before (far less artistically).

I do wish Robbins had ended the poem with a male (not a female) bodily noise, Obama being a man and all. But being an innocent in these matters, I’d like to think “queef” could as easily refer to a noise that may emit from a male under certain circumstances. While leery of the feminization of the obscene (or the use of female embarrassment as the symbol of all that is artificially prim and proper), I would not wish this powerful poem to go unread.

I’m probably reading too much into it, but I did notice the poem’s title includes the word “vaguely,” which begins with “vag.” [The more I think about this, the more I think it was not intentional.] As the poem ends with “queef,” I can’t help but feel the President is being called the “p” word in between. Why not call the man a dick and come (ho ho) clean?


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